People Who Belong to Jesus – 4/28/18

People Who Belong to Jesus – 4/28/18

Passage: John 6:60-71
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Bible Text: John 6:60-71 | Preacher: Pastor Gary Taber


  1. Linda Deneau

    Really enjoyed this sermon and the message…
    There are times when I don’t understand what I read. Sometimes it takes me two or three times to understand what I read. It makes me feel normal to know I’m not the only one.
    I pray for compassion and to be nice and considerate with my coworkers and customers , and forget to pray for my marriage, and being the wife God has intended me to be… thank you

    • coronachurchSDA

      Hi Linda, we’re glad you enjoyed this message. We hope and pray that God will grant you His compassion and grace towards your coworkers and family.
      God Bless you

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