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Re-energize your Sabbath School with technology


Technology has changed the way we do almost everything. From how we shop to the way we communicate, socialize and work.  According to a 2018 Barna Study, the use of technology among Bible “users” has grown steadily since 2011. Currently, more than 50% search Bible content on their smart phones (see chart down below). Following this same trend, many people are now falling in love again with the Sabbath School because of technology.  Here are some ways technology may help you engage more deeply with the Sabbath School lesson:



  1. Read the Lesson
  2. Engage in an Online Group Discussion
  3. Listen to the Lesson
    1. Pineknool Publications
    2. Amazing Facts Study Hour
    3. Sabbath School on the Move
    4. Hope Sabbath School

See below the detailed explanation of how to use the resources:







 This website brings the lesson and teacher’s commentary in English and Spanish. Click here to access the website. You will find the lesson by clicking at the screen shot below:


How to find the weekly lesson


If you like to dig deeper and find more commentary about the lesson, please click here or on the screen shot below and scroll all the way to the Teacher’s Edition section.



The teacher edition cover the lesson in more depth by bringing more details like Bible commentaries, life applications, more Ellen White quotes and deeper questions. Below is the structure of the teacher lesson for reference:


Once you click in the Teacher’s Edition, you want to scroll all the way down to right after the Inside Story, and you’ll see screen shot below:




Sabbath School Net (SSNET) is operated by lay members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who volunteer their time so that Bible students around the world can study the Bible online and/or participate in the Bible Study held in Seventh-day Adventist churches (also known as Sabbath School) every seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday), no matter where their location. Click here to access the weekly study








Pineknoll follows the Sabbath School Quarterly and post every week a new discussion on the current Sabbath School Lesson. Dr. Jon Paulien (Dean of Loma Linda School of Religion) or Dr. Daniel Duda (Education Director at Trans-European Division) are the ones leading the discussions, so you will sure find great  theological discussion on every session. The discussion members are also very well informed and thoughtful in their comments. Pine knoll also offer a great audio library with a many sermons (mostly by Graham Maxwell). Click here to access the Pinekool’s weekly Sabbath School Page

Here’s how to find the Audio discussion for the Sabbath School lesson at


Find Lesson at




Amazing Facts is a faith-based ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. They believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ and they work to lift Him up to the entire world. They post weekly Sabbath School lessons on their website, often led by Pr. Dough Bachtelor. Click here to access Amazing Facts weekly study





At the heart of Sabbath School on the Move are the actual discussions, facilitated by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher Recorded at different locations, Sabbath School On The Move is made available free via the Internet to all, providing a rich resource for those teaching the lesson as well as those wishing to be more deeply informed about the subjects presented by the lesson. It is particularly useful to those who for various reasons are not able to attend Sabbath school in person, and provides a “virtual community” to members who can then experience the sense of belonging and participating in the wider church around the world. Click here to access the weekly study


Here’s how to find the Audio discussion for the Sabbath School lesson at

Once you clicked on the lesson, you’ll have to navigate to the specific lesson and click


Find Lesson at

Find Specific Lesson at



Hope Channel offers an in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God. Each week, a group of young adults participate in a lively discussion of the Bible lesson. There are Hope Sabbath School members in more than 130 countries around the world. Click here to access Hope Sabbath School