Could God create a rock, any type of rock? He’s the Creator of the whole universe, so the answer is YES! Could this rock be heavy, very heavy, so heavy that not even God could lift it? That’s called the “Omnipotence paradox” and describes the God and heavy Rock dilemma… The traditional way out of this dilemma is to dismiss illogical scenarios (why would God create a rock so heavy even He couldn’t lift?). So the answer would go like: it is not logical for God to do that.

Have you ever wondered about God’s power? Have you ever wonder if God is powerful enough to fix the problems of the world? If God is powerful enough to stop the wars, powerful enough to beat cancer, to prevent natural disasters, powerful enough to _______ … you fill the blank…

In Romans 1:17, Paul declares the Gospel as the power of God to save EVERYONE. However, on verses 1:24,26,28,  God “gives up” on people who decided to go their own way apart from Him. So is God powerful enough to save EVERYONE or just some? Could God have saved those people? If so, why didn’t He do it? Does that mean God is not all powerful?

Allow me to answer with another question: which power is greater, God’s power to SAVE or God’s power to LOVE? if you answer power to SAVE, then God would have EVERYONE close to him regardless of their will. If you answer power to LOVE, then God would open himself up to be loved or rejected. Is God more powerful to SAVE or to LOVE?

The answer is found in the rest of verse 24… God is powerful to SAVE EVERYONE who BELIEVE. Not everyone regardless, but everyone who believe. Our choice to accept or reject God’s love, limits His power to SAVE us. God’s power to LOVE make Him powerless to SAVE those who rejected him. However, where Rejection increases Love increases all the more (Rom 5:20). Therefore, the stronger is the rejection, the stronger God’s power to LOVE becomes. God’s power to LOVE by definition is more powerful than God’s power to SAVE, because LOVE is unconditional and salvation is depending on our acceptance. So those who believe, God LOVES and SAVES; those who reject, God can only LOVE.

That helps us think about why God “allow” suffering and evil to happen in the world. God must LOVE unconditionally first, then SAVE later those who believe and accept. Love means allowing humanity to exercise their freedom, regardless of the price. This is a very difficult to pillow to swallow, specially in face of all atrocities we see happening to innocent people (specially children)

Those questions go way beyond my humble understanding of reality. I can only wonder how God will make everything new one day as in Rev 21:4-5. All I know is that I choose to believe on that. I chose to believe in God’s faithfulness. My choice is to wait patiently for that day, where there will be no more pain, tears and suffering. I choose hope over fear and I believe that to be true. How God is going to do it, that I do not know. But I want to live with Jesus forever to explore and discover how His LOVE saved the world!

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