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Standing by the fire

I love the Colorado River.  Many vacations and school breaks were spent on the River.  I first learned to water ski on the River.  I took my first canoe trip on the River.  I spent many a day fishing with my dad on the River.  I taught my daughters to fish at the...

Which power is greater: God’s power to SAVE or to LOVE?

Could God create a rock, any type of rock? He’s the Creator of the whole universe, so the answer is YES! Could this rock be heavy, very heavy, so heavy that not even God could lift it? That’s called the “Omnipotence paradox” and describes the God and heavy Rock...

Grace, Apostleship and beautiful feet

What happens when we separate things that go together? Imagine peanut butter w/ no jelly, imagine bread w/ no butter, cookies w/ no milk. that doesn’t sound right…. there are even some things that we only make in pairs: pairs of socks, pairs of gloves, or even pairs...

Hope Must be Lived out

The Bible says God’s promises is so sure as when a will or testament needs to be executed. Easy to understand, hard to embrace it.